Jordi Resolve RP DVB Column

Jordi RP columns represent more than 3 decades of continuous development efforts and are some of the finest polymeric columns on the market today. Our extensive application database can, in many cases, provide an already established method for the analysis of your compound. Jordi polymeric columns offer significant advantages over silica phases for the analysis of:

• Polar compounds which are poorly retained by silica phases (carbohydrates, PEG)
• Very hydrophobic samples which have poor solubility in aqueous mobile phases
• Complex samples which require selectivity significantly different from silica phases
• Ionizable compounds for which extremes of pH allow ion suppression
• Separations in which retention is desirable at higher organic content

Jordi RP columns offer significant advantages including:
• Long column lifetimes
• pH 0-14 stable
• Compatible with nearly all solvents
• Highly retentive polymer phases
• 100% Carbon Loading