Jordi Resolve xStream GPC Columns

Jordi Resolve xStream columns allow for the separation of a wide range of samples in 100% aqueous, 100% organic or aqueous/organic mobile phases.  Jordi Resolve xStream columns apply to a wide range of neutral, polar synthetic polymers and polysaccharides in mixed mobile phases, such as DMSO/H2O. The extreme inertness of these packings extends their use to strongly basic mobile phases, including 1M NaOH, that would destroy the competitors methacrylate-based products. The Jordi Resolve xStream column packing is an exciting breakthrough technology, which has increased hydrophilicity to reduce sample-column interactions. This novel resin features 100% polymeric polyamide chemistry. The Jordi Resolve xStream column, unlike typical GPC columns, performs well in any range of mobile phases, including 100% aqueous, 100% organic or any mixture of solvents. This new column is optimized for use in aqueous-based mobile phases and has the unique ability to separate a variety of cationic and polar polymers. Dextrans, polysaccharides and vinyl ether/maleic acid copolymers prove to separate well on the Jordi Resolve xStream. Separations in THF include, but are not limited to, phenoxy resins, poly(n-butyl methacrylate), polycaprolactone, several styrenic polymers, PMMA and other methacrylic polymers. The Jordi Resolve xStream is also appropriate for analysis in HFIP, eliminating sample-column interactions and providing excellent resolution in the separation of nylons and PET. Other organic mobile phases, such as chloroform, DMSO, DMAC and DMF can also be used on Jordi Resolve xStream columns.

Advantages of Jordi Resolve xStream GPC columns:
• Separation – broadest applicability of any currently available GPC column
• Mw Range
– up to 1M molecular weight in H2O
– up to 10 million molecular weight in organic solvents
• Solvent Compatibility – water and all common organic solvents
• Rugged – long column life – 3 month warranty standard
• Quality – subjected to rigorous quality checks